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Case Study
Effective Use of Renewable Energy for Realizing Smart Communities

How can it be deployed in VPPs (virtual power plants)?

Energy Consulting Agency Company G (1,000 Employees)
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  • Achieving a smart community in the future.
  • Wanted to understand the amount of energy supply and demand, and distribute it appropriately.
Solution and Results
  • The system gathers information on solar cell power generation and power consumption of equipment to visualize power supply and demand.
  • The problem of communication specifications has been solved by sourcing the grid management equipment and PV inverters from the same manufacturer.
  • Because the power supply can be continued without interruption, there are no limits on load equipment and the system can be constructed freely.
  • Laying the groundwork for smart communities and VPPs.
Smart communities use information and communication technology to manage and make effective use of the energy used in homes, businesses, factories, etc. in a way that is visible to the entire region. Many local governments have already begun implementing smart community initiatives.


Use of renewable energy with a view to creating smart communities

With about 300 factories, City A is a high electricity demand area. Building a system that can provide a stable supply of electricity, which is essential for ordinary households, is an important issue in industrial, commercial, agricultural and forestry, and consumer sectors. "Smart communities" are attracting attention as a new way to achieve this.

Company G was working on Smart Community Initiative projects in their region. Mr. K, the engineer in charge of the project, had this to say:
"To realize a smart community, we needed a system that could recognize power supply and demand in real time, and distribute it as needed. City A wanted to establish a system for future effective use of electricity throughout the city.
As the first step in this project, our objective was to determine the amount of electricity supplied by a photovoltaic power generation system and the energy demand of a model plant to achieve the optimal use of renewable energy.
To do this, it is necessary to manage information from multiple devices at once. To centrally manage data, we had to match the communication specifications between devices, and we expected we'd need a huge amount of labor hours for the construction of this system."

Mr. K continued to gather information, but he was puzzled by his lack of success.

Solution and Results

Solve compatibility issues by using grid management equipment and PV inverters from the same manufacturer

While gathering information, Mr. K visited the SANYO DENKI booth at a trade show and discussed his problems. A SANYO DENKI representative later visited Company G, and proposed a combination of their SANUPS K23A M Type grid management device, SANUPS P73J PV inverter, and SANUPS Monitor K.

"The grid management device can make smart communities a reality. The device collects power generation information from solar cells and power consumption information from multiple load devices, and optimally controls the flow of power to meet demand. SANUPS Monitor K enables the visualization of equipment's power status. Since the grid management device and the PV inverter are both made by the same manufacturer, there is no communication protocol compatibility problem," said Mr. K.

Deployment in VPPs is also possible Laying the groundwork for a smart community

"In addition, the SANUPS K23A M type can continue to supply electricity continuously even in the event of a power outage, so it can also be used for critical loads such as servers. In other words, systems can be constructed freely because there are no limitations on load equipment. This allows us to confidently make a proposal for a variety of requests," continued Mr. K.
After careful consideration, Mr. K selected the combination of SANUPS K23A M Type, SANUPS P73J, and SANUPS Monitor K for his company's proposals.

Company G was able to make good proposals that effectively use renewable energy. Mr. K had this to share:
"We have been able to lay the groundwork for a smart community, as we had originally planned. In the future, we would also like to deploy this solution in VPP projects."

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