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Case / Case Study

A collection of helpful case studies

"San Ace Clean Air" air purifier that contributes to improving the office environment
Towards achieving carbon neutrality
What is ACDC Fan that reduces the power consumption of equipment?
Motor Drivers
We will also introduce examples of devices that use stepping motors.
How can stepper motors achieve high-precision positioning control in a simple manner?


From the past to the future, learning about the background of manufacturing

The Forefront of Manufacturing (16)
An "Airflow Tester" that can measure the "ventilation resistance" of equipment and the "operating air volume" of fans
The Forefront of Manufacturing (13)
Accumulating know-how with the aim of becoming a "top brand"
The Forefront of Manufacturing (19)
Motion Controller development

knowledge// Knowledge

The basics of our technology

[Fan Basics] 7th Period
Airflow resistance of the device
UPS/Power Conditioner
[Basic knowledge and countermeasures for power outages] Lesson 4
Power outage prevention device - What is the difference between an emergency generator and a UPS?
Motor Drivers
Introduction of motor customization examples (5)
Stepping motors improve the functionality of food factories