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Case Study
Want to reduce the size of your medical testing equipment?

60% reduction in fan thickness while maintaining cooling performance

Medical Testing Equipment Manufacturer K Corp. (3,000 Employees)
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  • With the miniaturization of the device, the current fan could not be mounted.
  • A smaller fan with the same cooling performance was required.
Solution and Results
  • Used an Airflow Tester to select a fan that achieves both cooling performance and smaller size.
  • Used a 60% thinner 60 × 60 × 10 mm fan to secure space in the equipment.
As medical technology advances, medical equipment has become more and more sophisticated. In recent years, there has been a move to develop medical equipment for overseas markets, and competition in development is expected to continue to become even more intense.


With the miniaturization of the customer's device, the current fan could not be mounted

K Corp., a medical equipment manufacturer, had recently started to develop a new model of their medical testing equipment. Mr. D, director of K Corp.'s development department, talks about the challenges he encountered:

"The miniaturization of medical testing equipment is an important factor in enhancing competitiveness. For our new model, reducing the size of the equipment while maintaining performance was essential. Our previous model used a 60 × 60 × 25 mm cooling fan, but with the new model being smaller there was not enough space for the current fan. We needed to find a smaller fan that had the same cooling performance as our current fan."

K Corp.'s development department continued to search through catalogs and websites for a fan that met their requirements.

Solution and Results

Select a fan that is both small and has good cooling performance

Mr. D visited the SANYO DENKI booth at an industrial equipment exhibition. After discussing his problems with a SANYO DENKI representative, Mr. D agreed to continue the discussion in detail at a later date. On the day of the meeting, the SANYO DENKI representative brought an Airflow Tester to measure the prototype.

"We had looked in the catalogs and on the website for a smaller fan than the one we had originally used, but it was difficult to find a fan with the same cooling performance. The representative measured our system with an Airflow Tester to determine the cooling operating points and select the most appropriate fan. They found that a SANYO DENKI 60 × 60 × 10 mm fan, which we had not considered a candidate when we initially looked at the catalog, could cool the system sufficiently. It seems that because the cooling performance of a fan mounted in a device depends on the mounting density of the device, it can't be judged using the catalog alone. The fan they suggested is 60% thinner than the one used in our current model, and it can be installed in our smaller model," exclaimed Mr. D.

Mr. D immediately ordered samples using our short lead time service and tested them in their prototype. After that, K Corp. decided to use the 60 × 60 × 10 mm fan. Development of the equipment progressed smoothly, and the completed new model was significantly smaller.

"It was very helpful to have a sample available right away, as development time was so limited. As a result of the actual equipment evaluation, we confirmed that the 60 × 60 × 10 mm fan could meet our desired cooling performance. We really appreciated the flexible response from SANYO DENKI, especially the airflow tester measurements. We would be happy to consult them again in the future," beamed Mr. D.

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