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Case Study
Motors that can reduce development time and cost

Want to increase the number of reagents that can be handled by a multi-analyzer?

Medical Equipment Manufacturer Company L (100 Employees)
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  • Company L wanted to reduce motor cost to reduce the cost of their device.
  • The information needed for replacing or consolidating motors could not be obtained from an online vendor.
  • Because of the short development period, the company wanted to simplify in-house testing.
Solution and Results
  • By consolidating to one type of motor, costs could be reduced.
  • Carefully listen to needs to accelerate selection and optimize proposals.
  • Smooth in-house testing through prompt support.
Biochemical automatic analyzers that perform blood analysis play an important role as indispensable devices for diagnosis and follow-up of diseases. In recent years, due to the increase of inspection criteria, there has been an increasing market need for multi-analyzers that can perform inspections in a variety of fields in a single unit.


In addition to selling at a fixed price, the online vendor did not offer technical support...

Company L develops and manufactures various solutions in the medical device field. The company had recently been developing a new model of their multi-analyzer, which could handle a higher number of reagents than conventional models. Ms. N, manager of the company's development and design department, shared her story with us.
"For the new model, we needed lower costs and reduced vibration to improve reliability. At the time, we had been purchasing motors at a fixed price from a vendor who mainly sold online. Since they were an online vendor, it took a lot of time and effort to get answers to our inquiries, so we were considering reviewing our purchasing options."

At the same time, Mr. N was instructed to standardize some of the components, such as motors, within the department.
"We wanted to mass-produce products not only in Japan but also overseas, so standardizing components was an essential cost reduction measure for the entire department. To replace or consolidate motors we needed to confirm detailed specifications such as torque characteristics. The online vendor did not respond quickly enough to our inquiries, nor provide us with satisfactory technical support," bemoaned Ms. N.
The development schedule was tight, and the development team was becoming impatient.

Solution and Results

Successfully consolidated to one type of motor to reduce costs and simplify replacement

Ms. N decided to consult SANYO DENKI, which had previously worked with other departments in the company. Later, a SANYO DENKI sales rep visited and, after hearing the team's problems in detail, proposed the SANMOTION F2 two-phase stepping motor.
"We discussed many things, including consolidating components. We had been using three types of motors for our product's five axes, but they proposed consolidating them by using the motor with the highest torque for all axes. To make the replacement go smoothly, they recommended we change the specification of the windings. This proposal took into account our short development schedule and lack of motor knowledge," related Ms. N.

In response to Ms. N's request, the representative provided evaluation samples. The in-house testing went smoothly, and soon after Company L decided to adopt the SANMOTION F2 two-phase stepping motor. After that, the work progressed smoothly and they completed the development of the new model on schedule.
"They also customized the motors with our specified connectors, which reduced the labor time needed for assembly. Furthermore, by consolidating parts we were able to reduce total costs by reducing the cost of warehousing and maintenance. I am very grateful to SANYO DENKI for their speedy service, from making a proposal, to providing a sample, assisting us with in-house testing, and providing follow-up support," said Ms. N with a smile.

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Motors that can reduce development time and cost
Want to increase the number of reagents that can be handled by a multi-analyzer?