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Case Study
Required specifications vary depending on the customer's power supply situation, making it difficult to consolidate AC Cooling Fan models

What is an "ACDC Fan" that achieves the performance of DC Cooling Fan with AC power?

Control panel manufacturer A (Number of employees: approx. 100)
  • Cooling performance changes between 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • The voltage varies depending on the customer's power supply situation.
  • To use DC Cooling Fan, a separate DC power supply is required.
  • Stable performance regardless of commercial power frequency.
  • Wide input voltage range from 90V to 264V.
  • No DC power supply required, operates directly with AC input.
Control panels are essential for equipment and production lines. AC Cooling Fan are often used to cool control panels, distribution boards, cabinets, etc. However, the performance of general AC Cooling Fan changes depending on the power supply frequency, and the voltage and frequency vary depending on the customer's power supply conditions, making it time-consuming to select and manage fans.

/ assignment

AC Cooling Fan require a variety of specifications depending on the customer's power supply circumstances. To reduce the burden of selection and management, we are considering DC Cooling Fan, but...

Company A manufactures control panels for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and machine tool manufacturers. The company had many issues with the fans used in its control panels. Mr. S, the manager of the company's design and technology department, explains as follows:
Mr. S said, "The performance of typical AC Cooling Fan varies depending on the power supply frequency of each area. When operating at 60 Hz, equipment that can be cooled with one fan may not be able to cool enough when operated at 50 Hz, so some equipment is equipped with an additional fan to be on the safe side. Also, we offer a lineup of control panels by voltage, such as 100V or 200V, to suit the customer's power supply circumstances. Because different fans are used depending on the input voltage, there was an issue of the time and effort required for fan selection and management. Also, we had to prepare multiple AC Cooling Fan according to the power supply as maintenance parts when customers needed to replace fans inside their equipment."

Due to these challenges, Company A began considering introducing DC Cooling Fan.
"We had hopes that DC Cooling Fan would not change characteristics due to power supply conditions, as AC Cooling Fan do, but the fact that they required a separate DC power supply and were difficult to assemble was a problem," said Mr. S.

Although he wanted to become DC Cooling Fan, Mr. S continued to gather information.


/ Solution and Effects

No DC power supply required. Realizes the features of DC Cooling Fan with AC input.

While gathering information, Mr. S came across SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. 's "San Ace φ172×150×51mm ACDC Fan."
"We focused on the fact that the compact ACDC conversion circuit is built in, so you can get the benefits of DC Cooling Fan with AC power without having to prepare a separate DC power supply. Just like the combination of a DC power supply and DC Cooling Fan, ACDC Fan do not change performance with frequency, so you can get stable cooling performance whether the frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz, and the operating voltage range is wide, from 90V to 264V, so you can use it with either AC100V or AC200V," said Mr. S.

Successfully consolidating fans! Introducing "+α" also has an effect

Mr. S immediately contacted SANYO DENKI CO., LTD., discussed the current issues with the person in charge, and had a sample evaluated.
"Once we confirmed that it could deliver the stable cooling performance we expected, we quickly decided to adopt it. After the installation, we standardized on one type of fan, which reduced the amount of work required for selection and management." (Mr. S)
Furthermore, it is said that this implementation has brought additional benefits to Company A.
"The new ACDC Fan consume less power and have a longer lifespan than conventional AC Cooling Fan. Because AC Cooling Fan are used in the control panels of a great many pieces of equipment and production lines, the overall energy-saving effect is large, and they can also contribute to energy conservation in a decarbonized society. In addition, because they have a longer lifespan than AC Cooling Fan, the replacement intervals can be extended, and we are expecting to reduce maintenance man-hours.
Our company also handles electrical distribution boards, which are sometimes used in harsh environments, including outdoors, so the availability of a waterproof lineup is also appealing. Furthermore, by using products with PWM control functionality, the fan speed can be changed, expanding the scope of possibilities for products that boast even greater energy savings. Having evaluated ACDC Fan and clearly understood their benefits, we plan to move forward with replacing AC Cooling Fan with them in the future. We look forward to continuing to receive support from SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. in many ways." (Mr. S)

For more information about ACDC fans, please see "Features of ACDC fans".


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