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Case Study
What is the best fan for air purifiers with high-density filters?

A Blower with PWM control and extensive technical support achieved sufficient airflow and low noise

Air Purifier Manufacturer A Corp. (500 Employees)
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  • They needed a fan with higher static pressure to deliver sufficient airflow against increased system impedance due to increased filters.
  • Use of a fan with high static pressure would increase noise.
Solution and Results
  • A Blower with high static pressure ensured sufficient airflow.
  • Fan noise was reduced with PWM speed control.
  • Various support and proposals for further noise reduction were provided.
The COVID-19 infection has spread rapidly all over the world. In homes and public facilities, use of air purifiers has been rapidly increasing in hopes of eliminating viruses in densely populated areas, and air purifier manufacturers have been developing new models while verifying their effectiveness in removing viruses.


Enhanced virus removal increased system impedance, against which then-current fan couldn't deliver sufficient airflow

In response to the spread of the COVID-19, air purifiers have been introduced in a variety of places. Corp. A, an air purifier manufacturer, was also working to develop a new model that could eliminate viruses. However, during development, they faced a few challenges regarding the fan used inside the air purifier. Mr. B, manager of the company's R&D department, shared his story:

"The new model required multiple layers of special filters to enhance virus removal. However, the increased number of filters led to higher density inside and higher system impedance,(1) against which the then-current fan was unable to deliver sufficient airflow due to its low static pressure. So we considered using a fan with high static pressure, but this time, noise became an issue. Since air purifiers are used near people in hospitals, stores, and homes, the sound of fans should be suppressed as much as possible."

To enhance virus removal with low noise, Mr. B was looking for a fan that could achieve both high static pressure and low noise.

(1) System impedance is the resistance to the flow of air within a device.

Solution and Results

A Blower with high static pressure ideal for high-density equipment was proposed

Mr. B contacted the sales representative of SANYO DENKI, a fan manufacturer of the fan used in the then-current air purifier model, and discussed the possibility of a high static pressure fan with low noise.
After hearing the details of the problem from Mr. B, the sales representative proposed the San Ace B97, a Blower with high static pressure.

"I consulted then again this time," Mr. B explained, "because we had highly rated their products and extensive support that they had provided in the past. The fan they proposed this time featured industry-leading static pressure and had a proven track record in delivering high airflow in high-density equipment such as servers and storage. Its impeller and frame shape were creatively designed to realize quiet fan operation and high static pressure at the same time. Also, its PWM speed control made it possible to control fan speed to suit the situation, so further noise reduction could be expected."

Technical support for noise reduction was provided even after the decision to officially adopt the fan, and noise reduction was successfully achieved while delivering sufficient airflow

Mr. B tested the San Ace B97 and confirmed that sufficient airflow could be delivered even in their multi-filter air purifier with high system impedance, and officially decided to use it. Then, he and the development team requested that SANYO DENKI provide extensive technical support for further noise reduction.

"They offered the use of their anechoic chamber facility when measuring the fan's operating noise level, and even proposed an extensive customization of installing vibration absorber in the mounting part of the fan," he beamed. "With these support, we were able to realize a product with such quiet operation we never expected."

A Corp. developed the new air purifier model successfully. They are now utilizing the SANYO DENKI fan in a new development to provide a better solution to society in the COVID-19 era.

Date of publication: February 15, 2021

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